Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visiting Robert

After a quick minute at the hotel yesterday afternoon, we were off to Tennessee St. for Shelly's project. It was great. We were early, so we set Shelly up in the minivan with the door open...I drove very slowly and she captured footage from the length of Tennessee St. Then with the 7d 10-22mm lens. I think that worked better, having now reviewed footage. We still had a little time, so I drove them to shoot a Banksy piece a few blocks away (a shout out to our missing compadre; Katie), and Whitley was able to pick up lunch at a taco truck nearby (a shout out to Lisa Hylle--she's still there!).

Robert called and we went to his house where Shelly deftly interviewed him. He was going to the same music show Devin was later that night and called a friend for Devin to meet over a few streets: see Becky's notation on this. Said friend was able to tell us where to be today....dramatic pause....for the second line parade today.....

*I'm still experiencing technical issues, so pictures will populate these pages very soon!


Kate said...

awww it sounds like everything is going really well! love the updates & thanks so much for getting a Banksy piece :)

Colleen said...

We are sorry you aren't here and hoping you are on the mend.