Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mandatory Evacuation issued in New Orleans

"NEW ORLEANS — City officials ordered everyone to leave New Orleans beginning Sunday morning — the first mandatory evacuation since Hurricane Katrina flooded the city three years ago — as Hurricane Gustav grew into what the city’s mayor called “the storm of the century” on Saturday and moved toward the Louisiana coast."

New York Times - Current Information

Friday, August 29, 2008

Three Years Hence: Deja Vu

I thought you might want to keep track of the Category 3 storm that seems to be bullseye-set on New Orleans. If you'll remember on our first night we had a little quiz about New Orleans. Katrina was a Category 5 storm when it was over the gulf, but Category 3 when it made landfall in New Orleans. Here is a link to NOAA--The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They have the storm track--current and predicted, an up to the minute evaluation of the top sustained winds inside the storm, etc. Please also watch for local up to the minute news. Remember, those photographers are the ones we'll be meeting in a few weeks.

I understand from Becky that you talked about stretegies and tangents based on a possible landfall of this storm. I hear some folks have been unable to reach their contacts. I haven't been able to reach my friend down there either. I hope everyone is safe. And frankly, I hope they've left town.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shelby Lee Adams' Discussion Questions

As we mentioned in class, don't feel limited by the discussion questions below -- but rather use them as needed as a starting point for your 450-900 word reflective essay to be posted on your blogs by Wednesday, August 27. Also, please post your 10 {or more} story ideas.


1) What is the photographer's intent? Do you think he accomplishes this?

2) Why did Adams choose Appalachia? What is his investment in this subject?

3) Why are Adams' photographs of Appalachia considered problematic? What are the major issues surrounding his work?

4) How does Adams 'justify' and defend his position as photographer of a very particular view of Appalachia?

5) What kind of historical context does the filmmaker provide the viewer and how does that help frame the 'current' Appalachian environment?

6) Is Adams' making "right what the media made wrong"?

7) Do we read stereotypes ONTO these images, or is Adams exploiting these people as stereotypes?

8) Adams' claims he is "subjectively engaging and involved"--that he is 'challenging' the audience to make us think. What is he making you think?

9) Are Adams' photographs of Appalachia fine art or documentary?

10) Adams' states that he keeps certain photos as 'community service'. What does this mean? Do you think the subjects in his photos have any right to these photos? How do you think his Appalachian subjects should be treated/valued for their contribution to his career as primary subjects?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting Your Bearings

As I said in class last week, I've made a map with sights and location, so you can see where you will be, and se the food options, etc. around. I'll be updating in in the coming weeks! Click here to visit.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Pre-Travel Classes Begin August 14

Just a heads-up...don't forget our pre-travel course begins on Thursday, August 14, and runs every Thursday from 5-7 pm until we leave.

There are current weekly magazines and newspapers from New Orleans in my Office. It can't hurt to try to get some ideas there--if you haven't started to hone in on the story you wish to tell with your photo essay.