Monday, February 20, 2012

Join Us This Summer

©2008 Brittany Tupa

The registration deadline for the New Orleans Travel and Study Program is Friday, March 16th. This year's trip is slated to include many dynamic field trips, including a behind the scenes tour of the Times Picayune newspaper, where photojournalists now create both still and video content, and there is an actual taping studio, for web reporting.

The NOLA program is first and foremost about you and your portfolio or reel upon graduation. Doing this intensive project provides you an opportunity for variety in demonstrating your abilities to potential employers. You are the director, you are the researcher, story editor, and photographer on you own unique project!

©2009 Keith Cich

or Becky Olstad for further information!

Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Trip Registration Period NOW through March 16th!!

The registration deadline for the the NOLA Travel & Study Program is March 16th! Ask your advisor, DIrector, or Becky Olstad for more information!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 8: Recap

Becky took Mataya to the neighborhood where her documentary was taking place for some sunrise b-roll.

I took Megan to L'il Dizzy's to do sunrise b-roll inside the restaurant--the prep chef; the dew on the windows; the waitresses arriving, etc.

Leaving Megan to continue gathering footage, I joined Becky and Mataya at the church to be the sound gal for her two camera operation. Becky manned the P2 Mataya set up in the balocony, Mataya roamed around cpaturing closer views, and I sat on the floor, with the Zoom sound recorder.

Leave church to retrieve Megan...take her to the hotel.

We heard back at the hotel that the Gay Pride Parade was going to be emanating very close to the hotel, so a few ran over to take pictures there.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with students getting their edits ready for the New Orleans Photo Alliance critique at 5pm....

We piled into the van and went to the Photo Alliance for our final critique, followed by a celebratory dinner at Juan's Flying Burrito.

Everyone followed Tony to the Howlin' Wolf's Den to capture the last of his footage on brass bands where he began: The Hot 8 Brass Band. The rest just went to enjoy the music.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 7: Cemeteries, Rivers, Interviews, Oh My!

As the time here grows shorter, it also seems to speed up for the students. More appointments, more urgency...but we still make time for our sunrise image making:

St. Roch's Campo Santo

McDonoghville Cemetery in Algiers

Then after a brief unsuccessful hunt for alligators on Airline Drive with Jorah, I dropped her at the hotel and picked up Devin and Tony. I dropped them at Bourbon Street, where Tony had an interview with a senior member on a brass band, and another brass band he'd already interviewed was playing. I joined them after an errand, and finding parking. There was also a corporate sponsored flash mob...from Popeye's. Don't ask.

We had a critique to cap the day, reviewing and making suggestions for Sunday night and the critique at the Photo Alliance.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Late Night Editing on the Patio

Prepping for our critique with the New Orleans Photo Alliance tomorrow!

Sunrise in the Cemetery

Day 6: Vacation Day!

Yesterday (Friday) we took a road trip out through Bay St. Louis along the Gulf of Mexico and on to the beach at Pass Christian. For two remarkable stories on this area - you can find the This American Life episode we listened to in the car online here: This American Life.

Colleen made friends with some fishermen:

All that relaxation was utterly exhausting:

After a few power naps we reconvened at the Blue Nile where Devin was filming local vocalist Mykia Jovan. (Fall in love with her online here: Mykia Jovan