Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 7: Cemeteries, Rivers, Interviews, Oh My!

As the time here grows shorter, it also seems to speed up for the students. More appointments, more urgency...but we still make time for our sunrise image making:

St. Roch's Campo Santo

McDonoghville Cemetery in Algiers

Then after a brief unsuccessful hunt for alligators on Airline Drive with Jorah, I dropped her at the hotel and picked up Devin and Tony. I dropped them at Bourbon Street, where Tony had an interview with a senior member on a brass band, and another brass band he'd already interviewed was playing. I joined them after an errand, and finding parking. There was also a corporate sponsored flash mob...from Popeye's. Don't ask.

We had a critique to cap the day, reviewing and making suggestions for Sunday night and the critique at the Photo Alliance.

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