Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 5: Hump Day of our Trip

Our class is exactly half complete.

Sunrise at Lake Pontchartrain. Our numbers were few, but a force with whom to be reckoned. I took them to the jetty out by the yacht club on Lake Pontchartrain. We were virtually alone and the sound of the water was terrific. The sky was performing perfectly, as it has for most of the trip.

Becky left with Mataya to return to St. Katherine's for another interview, some b-roll, etc. They were out almost all day!

I took Megan and Devin out to pick up the talented chanteuse, Mykia Javon we met at Bullet's on Tuesday night. Devin has convinced her to be the subject of a mini-documentary. She got in the car, and we drove to Algiers Point for a backdrop of the French Quarter.

We had lunch and learned all about this terrific woman, and Devin did a great job with the interview...and we even met a young singer songwriter, who was out for a bike ride...he stayed and watched the whole interview, and then asked if he could hear Mykia sing, and she okay, and she just lit up the dirt parking lot we were walking through...then the kid sang back to her. It was magic.

more on the documentary progress tomorrow...

I dropped Devin and Megan at Three Muses for Megan's shoot and interview, and took Mykia home.

Picked up the two at Three Muses and headed in for the night.

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