Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 2: Recap

Becky gets up and leads some of the group on a sunrise walk to the ferry.

Colleen and Jorah head to Lafitte, LA for a swamp tour.

Becky takes group to act as film crew for Mataya's documentary on St. Catherine's Drexel Catholic Church in mid-city.

Group meets up at hotel to discuss the rest of the shooting day. Jorah decides to use the afternoon to download and edit photographs, and at 4:30pm the rest go to Three Muses in the Fauberg-Merigny for footage and interviews for Megan's documentary on restaurants, and for Tony's documentary.

After the pick up of the film crew from the Marigny, we had an end of day review of the plans for Tuesday, and looked at Jorah's photographs.

Whew! I was still really tired from our long first day, and was only able to read a few pages, before I dropped off to sleep.

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