Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 3: Recap

Sunrise shoot in the French Quarter. All, but Devin, made it out for this our second sunrise shoot. It was a smidge more humid than our first couple of days, but no humidity. Fogged lenses remained so by the time we reached Jackson Square. The only folks around were street cleaners, the usual array of characters snoozing on benches, a fellow strumming a guitar before work, and the lady selling the coffee and bignets at the Cafe du Monde. Bliss.

Back to the hotel for breakfast and some needed download and capture time.

We had a review of the film dailies--or rather, bi-dailies, I suppose. Some good beginnings, but much more work is needed. With Becky and Jorah hitting the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain and Insta-Gator, I had the film crew, and plans were set for the afternoon's driving schedule.

Everyone piled into the SUV and we headed to Little Dizzy's. We discussed shot set ups, based on earlier discussions in the critique, and we set about the task of creating some meaningful b-roll.

It's always nice when a student embraces the food culture of New Orleans as a topic, because we get to try some truly wonderful food. Little Dizzy's was epic in this regard. It was a buffer of friend chicken, red beans and rice, gumbo, potatoes, and everything in between!

Three words: Best gumbo ever.

After lunch, I left Devin and Megan to their work, and took Mataya to her location-St. Katerine's Drexel. She was setting up for an interview with the choir master, followed by a choir rehearsal.

Devin texted that Megan was done and they were ready to be picked up. So I hopped in the van and made my way back over there, picked them up, dropped them at the church with Mataya, and zoomed back to the hotel to pick up my laptop, so I could work while waiting for choir practice to end. But we all sort of ended up shooting, and it turned out to be a good think I'd cleared my cards. Mataya shot a combined 68GB of footage in one hour.

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