Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Four (morning): This is Where We Want to Be

This morning's sunrise shoot was a road trip to Yscloskey, LA. Primarily this was for Adam to get some footage of fishermen to close the loop on the affect of the BP crisis on his restaurant. We met too many extraordinary people to list. Everyone was so friendly and kind, even the BP "hospitality team" that first greeted Becky and I beyond their checkpoint (that was blocking the way to Shell Beach, the Katrina Memorial, and a clear view of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet), and the second "hospitality team" that included a fellow who graciously shared BP's side of the story.

We met many fishermen who are now contracting to BP since the oil spill. They go out on boats to help BP find oil that comes to the surface.

When I speak with people who do not know New Orleans, they often make comments about how people shouldn't live somewhere where they'll be flooded out, or blown down. And usually, I say, "home is home." You can't leave it. And this beautiful place 45 minutes from the City of New Orleans, is just such a home to these people. Their enduring insistence on returning and rebuilding and doing what their families have done for as many as four generations (in the group I spoke with yesterday), make me understand even more what a magical place the Gulf Coast is.

This is Frank Campo. He owns Campo's Marine Fuel, and he'll never leave:

Thank you Frank, thank you everyone who opened up to us today, and once again showed our students that just saying hello can open doors one would never imagine. Best day ever.

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