Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunrise to Sunset

As Becky already shared, we were up early with most of the students. This was the first time we've done an official sunrise trip on foot through the quarter. It was actually inspired by an unplanned journey Becky took on her own last year when somebody didn't show for his ride. She was already up, and found purchase in a Quarter somewhat vacant, but magical in it's quiet (distracted only occasionally by odd fellow who'd not quite found his sobriety or hotel from the night before). Well it didn't disappoint. We started at the foot of Iberville or by the river, then or to a jammy orange light on St. Louis Cathedral, a half-sleeping, kind of huggy brawl between drunks, smells I refuse to relive long enough to describe, Bourbon Street, and some good coffee and bignets. Good pictures were made.

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