Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are Your Bags Packed??!

Mine are not. After three semi-successful loads of my little backpack, I'm breaking out the big guns. Do you remember that movie with Gina Davis and William Hurt? The Accidental Tourist? Well I remember there being something in that movie about never bringing more than one book, because nobody ever has time to finish even one on any given trip. I wonder if the same holds true for cameras. I have the one that makes square pictures, the one that makes rectangular pictures (thanks Chris), and the one that makes pixels. Oh, and I have the little one that makes pixels! I don't remember if the film had anything in it about packing.

The students are getting very excited. People are very well prepared, having made/found contacts for their projects, and many already have firm appointments. The diversity of projects is terrific, and with the addition of the film students, I'm very excited to see what will turn up this trip! Some of the highlights of my day today were hearing from Whitley that she's made contact with Meena Magazine, and with professors at both Tulane and Loyola for her documentary film project on Muslim culture in Greater New Orleans; Krystal was in a while ago and let me know that not only had she finally heard from people she had been trying to reach for her project on the children of Katrina (I envision a great typographic book cover that looks something like KIDS + KATRINA +5), but she even made a conneciton for Devin, who has also been a busy bee making contacts and plans!

I want to give a shout-out to two wonderful women who have been helping all of our students with amazing contacts and helpful introductions, Jennifer Shaw and Jennifer Zdon. The Jennifers rock! Well, I have laundry to do; and just in case there's a hard freeze while I'm away...some pickling to do as well!

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