Thursday, September 30, 2010

Too busy!

As you might expect, things have been pretty hectic here in the New Orleans Travel and Study class. Today is our last full day of shooting so the soccer-moming is at its peak today. Please be sure to check the students blogs for individual updates on their projects.

In the meantime -- we need to send a very special thank you to Doug Parker and the photographers over at the Times Picayune newspaper for hosting us yesterday. It's always a special experience for us to hear about their work. Colleen, Adam and I rode along with Ted Jackson to Delacroix to continue to research the seafood industry. We met with Thomas Gonzales and his wife Joan.

Tommy is 72, going on 73 and has been crabbing since "he could walk."

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Colleen said...

Ditto from all of us--thanks Doug, John, Chris, and of course Ted. As always, it was an amazing treat and sobering view to see things through your eyes.