Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Two: Or is it Twelve

Sunday was amazing. First I was up at 5:50am to pick up a group and hit Holy Cross. We climbed the earthen levee there and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the morning, awaiting the sun--which did not disappoint. When the morning broke, it broke in a burst of orange on all of the objects along the Mississippi. We walked down the levee to the Global Green Initiative homes, and I talked a bit about what they are about. Then we walked up past the two pilot houses, and headed to the van for our first official project stop of the day, and church on St. Maurice Street, for Peach's project on the most endangered structures in New Orleans. It turns out it's a sunset shot, so we'll pick it up this afternoon.

We then headed off to Treme and visited St. Vincent De Paul Cemetery. A bit peckish, we then headed back to the hotel. Becky was off to Tennessee Street well before we returned with another group of students. I apologize for the delay, but we re finding ourselves so busy gathering experiences, we're having trouble staying current here. By the end of yesterday, in addition to those in this post, activities had included, another cemetery, a search for (and find of) a second line parade, Popeye's, running in the rain, and a lesson in Cajun Contradance by a fellow in a white wicker hat with green accents. Many more good pictures were made.

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