Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 2 - Sunrise

The humidity is so high, we are thinking about swimming instead of driving....the humidity is so high, and it's so hot, that I ran a cup through the air to get hot water to make tea.....the humidity is so high that when a camera has been in dry dry A/C overnight, then taken outside, every surface of the thing instantly becomes dew laden. The humidity is so high that the cameras fogged up in every conceivable place--even though we kept the car cooler low and the windows down. The humidity is so high, that our cameras didn't fully recover until at least a half hour into shooting this morning....

This morning, I was surprised when the elevator door opened on three to reveal Peter. Last night when we had our class meeting, there were a few half-hearted hands up for sunrise shooting from the men's camp. Peter's wasn't one of them. "What?! I woke up at four!" We were soon joined by the Ryans (Dyer an McGoff), Micah, Lisa and Stephanie. We set out for my favorite first-morning shoot destination, Holy Cross. The sunrise was spectacular. And tomorrow we'll have a better strategy for the cameras to capture it! Have I mentioned it's humid?

Say, if you have a strategy for beating the fog of humidity off an A/C chilled camera--comment away--we'll post them!

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Michelle said...

Good luck battling the humidity! It's about the same here today... it's currently 86* with 52% humidity. And it's 9:42 a.m.!