Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 2: Part 2 - Wait, You want to be where? When?

I thought I was taking the lion's share of work when, on our last program trip in September, I volunteered to take the long trips with students who had far flung essay projects. Today, I am here to tell you, Becky rocks. There are no two ways about it, the long trip and it's leisurely meanderings to barbershops, nameless "amazing" places with po' boys made by displaced Chicago chefs, and Tabasco gluttony, are a walk in the park compared to the soccer-mom-ery involved in negotiating seven vastly different essay ideas, and their desired locations I experienced today. Okay, well really, we addressed four essays in three trips to the eastern parts of New Orleans, as far flung as Versailles, and as near as Tennessee Street.

After a long day of back and forth, and back, the dynamic duo of Becky and Colleen were reunited to take Krystina out to the Barataria Reserve. It was beautiful, and terrible, and given the interesting people we met, and things we saw, I will save the details for when I can more adequitely descrbe it. here's a preview:

The real treat will be to see the photographic results tomorrow night when we sit down for our first formal critique. We got a sneak peek here and there tonight, but at nine, Becky and I both pushed back our chairs and apologetically set out for a dinner alone.

Also, I ate the best beef tacos ever--and I've eaten at taco stands in Acapulco, Mazatlan, Zihuatenejo, Manzanillo, and P.V. Best tacos, EVER.

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