Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pre-Course Starts Tonight!

(page from PDNedu Vol. 7, Issue 2, Fall 2008 about this project)

The pre-trip course for the Summer 2009 New Orleans Travel & Study Program meets for the first time tonight! We'll start off with the short film I made of the Fall 2008 group and talk about multi-media and its role in being a relevant image maker in today's photography community; fine tuning blogs and how we will be using them before during and after the trip; genreating story ideas; and much more!

I'm very excited. But I suppose I always am about this program. I really believe in getting students outside the four walls of the school, and their feet wet in the real world. You all have chosen a path that will have you as deep as the water was shortly after Katrina. Becky and I are both really excited about watching you grow as photographers over the next couple of months!

See you at 6pm in room 321!

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