Monday, March 30, 2009

83 Days

About two and a half months from now, the third NOLA Travel & Study Program will embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and documentation!

As participants in the program, we ask that you do two things here online: Set up your own blog for the program, and set up an account on NOLAstock. The former is not only a great way for you to reflect on your expectations, and reflections, but a really great way to communicate with loved ones while you are away, so they can take this journey with you. The blog is also a course requirement. You will learn more about that when you get the syllabus in the coming weeks leading to our first official class meeting, May 7th. But in the mean time, go to and set up an account--you can get all fancy with the titling (see examples already on the right menu bar) or just use your name (like Amanda T. on the right menu bar). Once you have the blog set up, please email it to Colleen Mullins at or Becky Olstad at, so one of us can put you up into the right hand menu bar as well! Former program participants are already posted, and can simply continue to use their original blogs.

NOLAstock accounts may be set up by clicking here, and filling out the form. Dig around NOLAstock, and you'll see what it's about--as a funtion of this particular Essay section, there is a focus on the ethics of disaster photography. We created NOLAstock with the help of Chris Teterault (Wi'09) to allow you a safe way to provide royalty free photographs back to any non-profits with which you partner while in New Orleans. Whenever any registered user (you select them) representative of the non-profit goes to the gallery and downloads an image, it will send you an email instantly, notifying you of where when and even how large the image will be published. So you get a great resume line, while helping the people who help you while working on your project!

On this blog--scroll down on the right side to browse all sorts of news items and non-profit organizations that might help you hone in on the right project for you! Only 83 days until we leave!

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