Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lessons from Gustav

Well, I know we all were, to varying degrees, glued to CNN this weekend. I was in San Francisco, and flew into MSP International Airport last night. I had a gate agent check, and NWA flights are set to resume on Wednesday to New Orleans. I expect the city to be back in full-swing by the time we arrive in 27 days!

Tomorrow, business people and small business owners will be allowed back in to get ready to open, and by the weekend, the city will be populated again. I'd like everyone to surf the web for images from the weekend's events, to discuss the power of images in times of disaster, and what makes an image that resonates over time, as opposed to a simple document. So many of you discussed this fine line with relation to the Shelby Lee Adams, I think it bears examining in class on Thursday. Please drop jpegs into the folder I've created on the Photo Drive "NOLA PIX". TItle them with your last name. You may be meetng some of these photographers in a few weeks! Remeber, we are visiting the Times Picayune!

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Becky said...

As you review images from Gustav, consider what you perceive to be the photo editor's intent in publishing the image. Is it purely informational? Emotional? Aesthetic? Ideally, we want to find images that serve a multitude of purposes.