Monday, September 29, 2008

Animal Farm

Amanda, Ashley, and I piled into the soccer-mom-minivan at two yesterday to get Ashley out to a no-kill animal shelter she was interested in photographing. The rest of the group, but for a couple who decided that four hours of Cop TV would be an excellent way to spend the hottest part of the afternoon, went back down to Lafitte to get Anthony (who hasn't stopped grinning ear to ear since, by the way) After a navigation-challenged hour and a quarter, we arrived at this dilapidated brick building in an industrial park in Metarie. There were three or four young boys (high school age) laying about on top of dog kibble bags in the open garage section of the building. When we went inside there was a couple having a littler of four kitties vaccinated. They'd found them under a restaurant in Mid City. Ashley set to work:

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