Friday, July 3, 2009

Time Machine

Finally a breather to post--so these will be chronologically challenged as a I process files...

Monday, June 29th:

After a wonderful morning going way out on the bayou to Delacroix (the so called "end of the road") with Kristyna, we made one last trip to Algier's Point for Nick to photograph a couple last firehouses, and for Lisa to finish up with a taquerilla--capped of course by the consumption of a final quesadilla on the ferry--which I found.

Minnesota college photography students all making pictures of the exact same thing (gator). Good spotting Nick!

I mean "the end of the road". Delacroix is small --there were some houses on very high stilts, the site of a new firehouse, and fishing boats. It's beautiful in its serenity though.

Somebody in Delacroix really likes oysters!

I'm hoping Nick got this guy's name. He and a couple of other men work shrimping and crabbing in Delacroix.

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